Who Let Braden Be By Himself? – Speaking Nonsense

In this episode, Braden was left alone to handle the podcast in a shoddy 20 minute segment. He talks about Rage 2, E3 hopes and dreams, and some potential leaks from Walmart, plus more. Stick around for next week as it will be an actual podcast! https://archive.org/download/speaking-nonsense-5142018/Epitopica%20Speakign%20Nonsense%20May-28-2018.mp3 Share This:

A Solo Adventure – Speaking Nonsense

Hello and welcome to the Epitopica Speaking nonsense podcast. This week it is none other than your host, AUSTEN Nobody else could be available for the podcast this week, so i’m taking the liberty of recording this episode all by my lovely self. In the interest of full disclosure, I will tell you that i’m…

God Of War Discussion – Speaking Nonsense

https://archive.org/download/04232018/04-23-2018.mp3 Share This:

Overwatch League: What Is it and Why Should You Care?

You may be asking yourself, “So what exactly is the Overwatch League and why should I even care? What is it even about?” Well, don’t you worry, because I’m going to explain the basis of the Overwatch League (OWL for short), some of the current events surrounding it, and how you can watch/get involved! So…

How Inappropriate – Speaking Nonsense

https://archive.org/download/04022018_201804/04-02-2018.mp3 Share This:

On the Subject of Nuggets – With Kyle Bojangles

Listen in as Austen, Braden, Aaron, Travis and Kyle come together to talk for 55 minutes about fast food, rule 34 and hot pockets and 5 minutes about what’s new in the world of games.   https://archive.org/download/03212018/03-21-2018.mp3 Share This:

A Little More Sober This Time… With Ulti

Austen, Branden, Tyler, and Ulti come together to stretch next to nothing happening in the last week into an hour-long conversation.   https://archive.org/download/austen_epitopica_03/03.mp3 Share This:

About Metal Gear: Survive… – With Thanitose

Metal Gear Survive catches some flak this episode with Austen, Braden, Thanitose and Tyler   https://archive.org/download/20180226214557/2018%2002%2026%2021%2045%2057.mp3 Share This:

Long Talks About Cheating – With legolicious

Austen, Aaron, Braden, and lego come together to talk about Rainbow Six: Seige, lootboxes and more https://archive.org/download/Podcast2202018/Podcast2-20-2018.mp3 Share This:

Back after a short little break! – Speaking Nonsense

https://archive.org/download/EGP21218/EGP_2-12-18.mp3 It took us long enough, but we’re finally back from our break! In this episode, we discuss some things just like before, but this time we have a guest! We talk about things like Monster Hunter, it’s god awful multiplayer system (to us at least), Shadow of the Colossus, my broken PC that had…