Reviewed by: Austen
Developed by: Digital Cybercherries
Published by: Digital Cybercherries
Platform reviewed: PC (HTC Vive)
Price (USD): $19.99

Remember the days when you used to go hang out with friends in an arcade? When you had to bring a pocket full of quarters just to lose them all in the TMNT machine because Jesus christ this is hard? Well just as you thought that was all a thing of the past, in comes New Retro Arcade: Neon. The game allows you to assemble your own custom arcade featuring any and every machine you could ever hope for. Ms. Pacman? Got it. That Simpson game you barely remember? Got it. Paper Boy had an arcade machine? Who knows- but it’s there.

Disclaimer: New Retro Arcade: Neon does not actually come with any games and you will either need to build your own machines and find ROMs online, or go to Reddit and download a pack someone else has pre-assembled (that’s what I did). The game comes with the ability to play any way you are able to. It features controller support, Keyboard support, and for VR- Motion controller support. It also supports all PC VR Headsets so there are no limitations here.

The way I played was with a Vive and tracked motion controllers. It feels pretty great to walk up to an arcade machine in virtual reality and grab the joystick and just instinctively know how to play. I was having so much fun… until the arcade started to load further. The game looks and runs great natively. The problem for me though was that I had downloaded a pack of games that was a bit too large for my GPU to handle. This is almost certainly a problem exclusive to VR since it is much more demanding on the system to generate the picture. There were simply too many games running at one time since they are all on at all times just like a real arcade. For Reference, I have an Nvidia GTX 970 (AKA the bare minimum for running anything in Virtual Reality)

All in all, the game looks great, and runs great (on the monitor at least- not so much the Vive for me) and is pretty immersive. If you can get your hands on the game, I would absolutely recommend it. It can certainly help take care of that itch you have to hit back on old nostalgia.


Pros Neutral Cons
Fill that nostalgic hole in your heart Runs Questionably on Virtual Reality (depends on your setup) Are there things to complain about here?
Community-created games mean you can get any and everything  Nothing in the game by default  Too much water.

Rating: 8/10 icons-1293736_640icons-1293736_640icons-1293736_640icons-1293736_640icons-1293736_640icons-1293736_640icons-1293736_640icons-1293736_640

Great game, fueled by the community for better or worse.

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