Reviewed by: Braden

Developed by: Nintendo

Published by: Nintendo

Price (USD): $59.99

What is this game?

    The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD is a reimagining of the 2006 Wii (also available on GameCube) launch title. Like other Zelda titles, you play as the main protagonist Link (who you can rename to whatever you would like). You are a goat herder in the small village of Ordon, with no idea what your destiny contains. Your “fatherly” figure, a man by the name of Rusl, instructs you that you must deliver a package to Hyrule Castle in his stead, as he knows Link  (that's you) has not yet prior been to the castle. With this task in mind, your destiny unfolds when you least expect it.

Slight Summary:

    As a whole, the game does a good job explaining what you are. You are the hero of legend who is tasked with stopping an evil force from taking over Hyrule and plunging it into everlasting darkness, or, twilight. You will go through your normal Zelda process of clearing dungeons, obtaining items, and fighting large scale boss battles for a key item. While yes, it is your usual Zelda game, that doesn't mean it isn't a fun game to play, and it also has its own unique flair like other games in the series. Nintendo added a new main mechanic in the game where you must use a new beast transformation to progress. The newly added twilight segments act as a way to force the player to make the most of this addition by having you collect “Tears of Light” to banish the twilight from an area, allowing you to play as human Link once more. Some players may find these segments tedious and repetitive, but on the bright side, you don't have to do it more than 3 times. Items are another portion of the game that I think everybody is curious about when playing Zelda games. Twilight Princess added a new array of tools to aid Link in his quests. Some of these are the Ball and Chain, the Spinner (BEYBLADE BEYBLADE LET IT RIP!), and the new bow item, the Hawkeye. This new gadget effectively turns your bow into, well, a sniper rifle...bow. Quickscoping not included. You will use these to help you battle enemies, scale dungeons, and combat huge bosses.

What makes it HD?

    Now, let me address a major point. The “HD” side of things. Twilight Princess HD features a very nice graphical overhaul from the original. Textures are cleaner and more detailed, the 1080p resolution looks great, and the 60fps feels smooth to play. Some of the things that really helped me appreciate the new textures were the environments and the bosses. Obviously, you want to appreciate the new beauty of Hyrule, so sightseeing can be a fun little sidetrack. I was impressed by the visuals of Lake Hylia especially, as it's one of my favorite locations to just walk around for its beauty. The bosses themselves are better looking, and I noticed this the most when facing pretty much all of them. It's not a massive overhaul for models, unfortunately, which I don't mind all too much.

    A key point to remember, this is still Twilight Princess. It's the same game you played back in 2006 if you played it previously. That said, there are some new features for gameplay. Nintendo has added Amiibo functionality, with each having neat little bonuses. If you're brave enough, you can tap the Ganondorf Amiibo and take 2x damage. This leads me to the next addition, which is Hero Mode. In this challenge boost, you take 2x damage, and the game is flip-flopped to be the mirrored Wii version, whilst the original is the GameCube layout.


Wrap up thoughts:

    Overall, Twilight Princess HD is a remake of the original with not a whole lot of new game added on, but it does, however, add the new elements to it and gives you some ease of access with the gamepad used for items and the map. The updated graphics and resolution make for a fantastic experience for those who haven't played the game before, and even a breath of fresh air into the world of Hyrule during the Era of Twilight for those who have played the original versions. Whether you're a new fan or old, I recommend you at least pick up Twilight Princess HD and give it a try. It's a great entry into the series, and I'll rank it at a solid 8.5/10. Great game, good updates, but overall nothing super game changing. Still a good title nonetheless for any Nintendo fan!

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