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Developer: Crazy Monkey Studios, Claeys Brothers

Publisher: Crazy Monkey Studios

Coming on strong, feeling like a B-movie mashup of The Godfather meets Dawn of the Dead, Guns, Gore & Cannoli pushes you to feel no mercy. You take the role of an old school gangster setting out with your trusty guns to mow down anyone in your way, all the while a Saint Patty's Day disaster has turned almost everyone into a Zombie! If that sounds like it has a lot going on, you don't even know the half of it. Guns, Gore & Cannoli takes its irreverent tone to the next level and then some, pushing bounds and popping heads while throwing countless zombies between you and your goal.

How Does it Play?

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Guns, Gore & Cannoli is a platformer at heart. It uses this component extremely well while adding the explosive shoot 'em up genre to the mix, and the result is extremely pleasing. The varying guns

you will have at your disposal are all interesting and serve different purposes against the wide array of enemy types you will meet. You will find yourself frantically switching between the guns in the games more difficult modes, simply trying to bring down a zombie quickly while also saving the various ammunition types in case you come across that one zombie that you will need it for.

The game is punishing, even on normal, and demands you keep a steady, if not overwhelming pace, as enemies spawn behind you with great regularity. This is the definition of a run-and-gun game, but it does so well enough you don't mind. It's not a very deep experience, but it is definitely a fun distraction if you've got some spare time.

The downside to Guns, Gore & Cannoli is that while there co-op and a nifty multiplayer, they are strictly for local play. This is a big bummer because the game just oozes with goofy potential of late night party games across the internet, it is a shame it can't be done in this state.

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The multiplayer is fast paced and frenetic. If only it were an online feature.

Gameplay: 1.5

A surprisingly fun game that is brought down by a lack of online play.

How Does it Look?

The game looks like it's straight out of a comic book, which is such a great style for this kind of game. Guns, Gore, and Cannoli pops off of the screen due to the bright colors of the explosions and floating green leprechauns (yuuuuuupp), it is a visual treat for all who partake, and it doesn't get old.

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"I ordered my zombie... WELL DONE."

The game shines well into the cutscenes, and the wealth of enemy types that are thrown against you really is the best asset the game has. The game also has many different character models for you and you friends to play as, which can sometimes add to the chaos if you lose them in a sea of zombies.

Visuals: 2.0

Guns, Gore & Cannoli flows off of the screen with its impressive style and colorful palette.

How Does it Sound?

This is a strange case where silly voice acting actually adds to the production. It seems to be a fine line but the game walks that line perfectly with the range of accents and the strange dialogue. Everything about the game is brought to the audio side, with typical new york gangsters, zombie screams, and the goofy gangster soundtrack all adding to a quality production.

Audio: 1.6

The game sounds like it should and does a good job doing it.

Can You Control It?

There really isn't much to talk about when it comes to the controls. It's a standard platformer in that respect, and after a brief time, most will understand how to make the game do what they want. The only downside of the game is that there is no way to aim your fire, but part of me thinks this is to keep the player pushing forward. Guns, Gore & Cannoli is comfortably controlled, and I'm glad the developer didn't try to break any new grounds here.

Controls: 1.7

Solid platforming action left unhindered by a comfortable control scheme.

How Does it Feel?

Irreverent and goofy, the tone is both dark and ridiculous. They nail the comical nature of the situation with the awesome visuals, hectic and fast paced gameplay, and an over the top story that had me laughing my butt off several times throughout my playthrough. Guns, Gore & Cannoli felt good, it felt light hearted, and it didn't take itself, or anything, seriously.

The Feel: 2.0

Just a good experience, all the way around.

Overall: 8.8

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You have to love when an achievement pops at the right moment.

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