Killing Floor 2 Review

Reviewed by: Travis

Developed by: Tripwire Interactive

Published by: Tripwire Interactive

Platform reviewed: PC

Platforms available: PC, PS4

Date reviewed: February 1, 2016

Price (USD): $29.99 (PC), $39.99 (PS4)

Killing Floor 2 is the long-awaited sequel to Tripwire Interactive’s 2009 PC game, Killing Floor. The game, quite expectedly, features many upgrades from its predecessor. The original Killing Floor saw many updates over its lifespan, adding DLC characters, new weapons, and new maps. However, graphically, Killing Floor remained well rooted in 2009. This is the area in which Killing Floor 2 sees the most obvious improvements. Killing Floor 2 makes art of the visceral. The details of the gore splatters, the splashing of blood, and the flying of dismembered pieces of the game’s enemies is marvelously detailed, and a spectacle to see in action.

The primary game mode in Killing Floor 2, survival, is a fairly straightforward class-based cooperative survival experience. You and up to 5 others group up to take on between 4 to 10 waves of “zed”, followed by a boss fight. Each player is given the choice between 10 unique classes, each featuring unique benefits that help both you and your squad. As you progress through the waves, you will find yourself facing progressively more difficult enemies. You will collect cash to purchase armor, ammo, and better weapons between rounds, in order to prepare yourself for what’s to come. As simple as it may sound, combat in Killing Floor 2 is hectic, and is likely to provide a substantial degree of challenge to players, particularly if they choose to take on one of the game’s higher difficulty levels.

Killing Floor 2 also features a new game mode to the series, versus survival. In this mode, in addition to the up to 6 players that may group up as survivors, up to 6 more players may join to play as the zed, fighting against the survivors. This key difference changes the dynamic of the gameplay significantly, as player-controlled zed have access to abilities not available to AI-controlled zed, making them more powerful, forcing the survivors to keep on their toes to stay alive. Much as the survivors progress through stronger weapons, players of the zed will progress through stronger forms of zed, working from the weakest enemies to even becoming the ending boss.

Killing Floor 2 also contains one significant change from its predecessor that is likely to draw some mixed reactions: the introduction of microtransactions. It is important to note that the microtransactions are cosmetic items, and not in any way essential to gameplay. There are various character skins and weapon skins available, that are available to purchase if you are so inclined. It is likely best regarded as an optional addition, available for those that like them enough to spend money on them. The original game did feature cosmetic DLC, primarily in the unlocking of additional characters. The system that has been implemented in Killing Floor 2 is substantially different from the previous, focusing on new cosmetic items for existing characters and weapons.

To wrap things up: Killing Floor 2 is a fantastic sequel to an excellent game, providing beautifully grotesque visuals, smooth gameplay, and a greater variety of classes and perks than its predecessor. Some may be turned off by its cosmetic items or by the lack of variety in game modes, but what modes are in the game have been refined beautifully, and it is a game that I fully recommend trying.


Killing Floor 2

Pros Neutrals Cons
Beautiful visuals Cosmetic microtransactions* Only 2 game modes
Smooth gameplay May prove difficult to some*

*may vary by personal opinion

Rating: 9/10

A marvelous sequel to a great game, worth playing.

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