Reviewed by: Braden

Developed by: Respawn Entertainment

Published by: Electronic Arts (EA)

Price (USD): $39.99


What is this game?

¬† ¬† Titanfall 2 is a futuristic first person shooter set in the reaches of space deemed the “Frontier”. It is the sequel of the 2014 original “Titanfall”. ¬†Like the previous title, you can except the fan favorite style of fast-paced, hectic, multiplayer gameplay. ¬†However, at the request of fans, Respawn took it upon themselves to develop a campaign. ¬†This campaign puts¬†you in the place of Militia Rifleman Class 3 Jack Cooper. You dream of becoming a pilot some day, but that day may come sooner than you think. ¬†We’ll tackle more later.

Slight Summary (Campaign):

    Included with this entry of Titanfall, Respawn Entertainment included a stunning campaign.  It does a great job encompassing that old school Modern Warfare storytelling that you expect from the ex-Infinity Ward staff who formed Respawn.

You’re met with massive battles, epic Titan encounters, and some very unique characters. ¬†The main character is thrown into battle with nothing but his rifleman training and his Militia-issued Flatline assault rifle and frag grenades. ¬†This is it. What you’ve been training for. ¬†You’re taking the fight to those IMC bastards that are terrorizing the Frontier. ¬†Who knows, maybe you’ll get a Titan of your own if you prove yourself?

The battle does not go as planned.  You push your way to a larger group of IMC Spectre forces, when suddenly a Titan crashes in front of you.  It is an IMC Titan.  Is all hope lost?  Is this planet your last resting place?  Fear not, Cooper. Lastimosa is here with BT-7274 to save you.  However, this does not last long. More IMC Titans show up to put Lastimosa in his place.  BT is downed, and seemingly dead, alongside your captain.  You wake up a period of time later, to discover Lastimosa is gone, and you are now the Pilot of Vanguard class Titan BT-7274.  Congratulations, Cooper. You are now a Pilot.

During this stunning campaign, you will be thrown into many creative situations, some disallowing your use of your new partner BT.  Think of BT like your bodyguard best friend.  A guardian angel of sorts.  You and BT are now linked together and are destined to save the Frontier from a mysterious weapon called the Ark.  Think you can handle that, Pilot?

Slight Summary (Multiplayer):

¬† ¬† The multiplayer has been revamped from the original, and is just as hectic and high-octane as before. ¬†This time around, however, you’ll notice some pretty great new additions and changes. ¬†For starters, the Pilot arsenal has been increased quite a bit. ¬†You now have access to several different types of Assault Rifles, SMGs, Shotguns, Heavy Weapons (LMGs), Launchers, and Sniper Rifles. ¬†Alongside these changes, the old style of customizing 3 various Titan chassis have been replaced with 6 Titan classes, each with its own abilities and stats and weapons.

¬† ¬† Something you want to keep in mind is that this isn’t your typical futuristic Call of Duty type game. ¬†This game was built for the movement and the maps and the combat mechanics. ¬†Respawn knows what works and what doesn’t, and isn’t afraid to do whatever comes to mind. ¬†They redefined the futuristic shooter genre, breaking the mold of run and shoot. ¬†You are given tools of battle, and how you use them will determine how well you perform.

    While you will notice modes similar to that of other shooters, they do not play the same.  No other game will give you the hectic combat that Titanfall will.  I quite enjoyed my experience trying to capture a flag while pilots and a Titan or two hunt me down.  The exhilaration I felt when risking my life to score a point for the team was outstanding.

    Now, despite all of the pros, there are some cons.  You can clearly see some balancing issues, especially with guns.  Legion is by far the most powerful Titan, being the bulkiest chassis type and having a stupendous damage output.  However, we can expect future balance changes to fix some of these issues knowing Respawn and consumer feedback. I mean, we did get this sequel with the complaints of fans in mind.

Wrap-Up + Scoring

¬† ¬† Overall, Titanfall 2 is a wonderful game, containing a stunning campaign and a fast-paced, enjoyable multiplayer. ¬†It has its balancing issues and some mild stuttering on PC, which appears to just be a hardware issue on my end. ¬†Given everything that’s gone into the game, how fluid the movement is, how good the content is, and how enjoyable the game in general is, Titanfall 2 falls at a solid 9/10. ¬†Absolutely fantastic game, just short of a masterpiece due to a couple of small errors that can always be fixed up later.

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