Ghost Recon Wildlands Review

Reviewed by: Josh

Developed by: Ubisoft (Paris)

Published by: Ubisoft

Price (USD): $59.99

What is this game?

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands is an open world tactical shooter that takes place in the chaotic country of Bolivia and has you play as Nomad, the team leader for the Ghosts’ as you are working with CIA agent Karen Bowman to destroy the Bolivian cartel known as the Santa Blanca. This is the start of Ghost Recon’s more modern take on their tactical shooters since the last few games were more of your futuristic style of tactical shooters.


Slight Summary

            In this brand-new series of Ghost Recon, the developers took the time to use a more modern style of tackling the tactical shooter genre of games. The beginning of this game displays the overall background of the story as you are a part of operation Kingslayer. Around 20 providences in Bolivia are yours to explore in order to dismantle the Cartel. You are given a wide range of weapons, equipment, and vehicles to use to complete your operation. Overall there are around 26 different bosses in the providences that you must either kill or capture to progress in the storyline. However, you have full control of how the game-play works as the different providences’ have four different capabilities that assist the cartel they are influence, smuggling, production and security. Each of these can work to the players benefit to make the game-play more unique, for example taking security away means less enemies overall to protect outposts and production factories.


          The pros about this is that it takes a slight turn from their more futuristic style of their previous games while bringing the same Ghost Recon feeling back into the game. If you play the main story and extras you get around 60 hours of game-play. Lastly playing with friends is the highlight of this game as making tactical choices and calls immerses the player in the situation.  

The cons strike this game with the little bugs here or there with the A.I in the game as random problems happen with most open world games. The biggest issue I’ve seen and that most players complain about is the lack of PvP multiplayer since all other Ghost Recon entries had PvP. Lastly if you play with friends in the campaign then go back to the A.I controlled players in the solo game you will be greatly disappointed in the lack of “tacticalness” they have as the enemies just ignore them while only paying attention to you.  

Wrap-up + Scoring

            Overall Ghost Recon is a fast paced, breath-taking game that has a lot of hours to immerse yourself in as once you complete this game there will still be DLC coming down the pipeline to keep you going to explore more of Bolivia. 5 years of work has been put into this game for a good reason, as I believe it is the best open world tactical shooter out there on Xbox, PS4, and PC combined. Given the countless hours of game-play I’ve spent in this game and the amazing work and detail that Ghost Recon has to offer I’d give it an 8.5/10 based on the storyline, game-play for single player and for coop, but still lacking in some minor bugs and lack of multiplayer PvP. 




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