Prey 2017 Review

Publisher: Bethesda Studios
Developer: Arkane Studios
Platform: Microsoft Windows, PS4, Xbox one
Release: May 5th, 2017
Price: $59.99
Average Playtime: 27 hours
DLC: None…Yet

Prey is a first-person sci-fi exploration where you, the player explore Talos I, a space station that orbits around Earth—Moon. You play as Morgan Yu the Vice President of the company TranStar which has been exploring into extraterrestrial beings known as the Typhon. This game is a re-imagining of the 2006 Prey video game made by Human Head Studios as development for the sequel was lost due to development issues. Prey (2017) is a combination of Bioshock and System Shock style gameplay. It slowly opens to you then kick starts out of nowhere.
Story (Minor Early game Spoilers)
You start out hearing an automated announcement telling you “Good morning Morgan its March 25th, 2032” As you look around your apartment your brother Alex Yu president of Transtar tells you to get dressed and ready for the tests you have today. He also tells you that the helicopter that will take you to the tests is on the roof. As you enter the helicopter you get introduced into the beautiful scenery that is San Francisco which queues the intro for Prey. You are introduced to your brother and placed in a testing chamber to which you are examined by 3 researchers that have you doing…pretty much useless chores. However, the last chamber shows a computer in front of you asking a few questions to which you can answer however you please. The last screen shows an inkblot and you see something move from it. Suddenly you see the main researcher Dr. Bellamy is violently killed by what you think looks like a coffee cup but then transforms into the Typhon organism. From here on you reawaken to the same beginning as if nothing happened only to find that most workers for TranStar are dead and it is up to you to figure out what happened aboard TranStar.

Prey (2017) playstyle is similar to Bioshock with a more sci-fi twist to it, however it is not linear like most FPS as the main story guides you from beginning to end. Whereas for Prey (2017) the main story guides you through the space station, but you have a choice on how to get there or finding new and exciting ways to complete the game’s objectives. In addition, the weapons and skills you obtain during the game can assist you in finding new and or alternate ways of progressing or finding secret areas in the station. Since I mentioned weapons and skills the number of weapons is a bit smaller than I thought it would be, but with the skill trees that Prey offers it does fill that void in a lack of weapons. In order to gain these new skills, an item called nueromods must be found and then as the first time goes with them a gruesome cutscene happens it is not the most pleasing scene either. Possibly the best part in the game is transforming into a coffee cup and sneaking around the enemies. Now to not give too much positivity, there are a few issues that Prey runs into as just glitching enemies or falling through the map a few times, but these happen very rarely has they had a lot of time for bug checks during development. I think Prey’s gameplay is very fast-paced has it keeps your heart racing as you don’t know which object is an enemy and which isn’t. Which by far is the worst feeling in the world when you walk into a room and you see a med kit that you so desperately need, but then suddenly you are attacked by what appeared to be a med kit but turned out to be a Typhon. Prey sets the atmosphere perfectly I believe and as a re-imagined version of Prey (2006), it sure does make it stand out as a phenomenal game.

From a previous player of the original Prey (2006) I see the new re-imagined Prey (2017) to be a total game changer for the positive as with working in a similar yet different type of FPS like Bioshock, but with the turn of having a unique set of skills and weapons at your disposal I see Prey to be in a sense to have the players style of gameplay in mind as you can gun and run type of style, or you can sneak around, or even speed run towards the ending as you have so many choices to play this game. Along with that if you are a completionist like myself, for Prey then you will want to read every e-mail and find out the story behind it, roughly you will have around 60+ hours of gameplay on your hands. Overall if I had to give Prey (2017) a rating it would be a 9/10 just because it is a great game, but there are some bugs here or there. However, I loved the first Prey (2006) and they just made it better this time around so now I will be looking for DLC in the future hopefully for Prey (2017) in the future.

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