Where have we been?

Us here at Epitopica have taken time away to figure out what we feel is the best course of action for our content. We did not want to seem like we were just pushing out content similar to all the other review sites out there, especially with how formal we were striving to be. It just didn't seem right to come across as another IGN or anything of that nature. It only made sense for us to take time to ourselves and think how we wanted to change our content so we could stand out from all the other gaming "journalism" out there and make our own mark on things. After all, the best way to grow and improve is to use your own style, right?

This post is probably more relaxed and less formal than you've seen from our other works, so take that into consideration when expecting some new articles, reviews, etc... We're all working hard to finalize these new changes and figure out who is going to take on what roles for the group. We want to improve as best we can while maintaining true to ourselves and not becoming a group of autonomous sentries just pumping out content as if we don't have personalities. Myself and Austen decided that would be boring, and we want an audience that likes our content for us and not just because of what we are covering. We want to do our best to put out content thatĀ representsĀ us instead of cookie-cutter style content.

We hope you all look forward to seeing us return in a better fashion and will continue to support us during this transition. And to all of you who (might have) stuck around during this rather...extended...break, we thank you and hope you continue to watch and listen and read the content we can provide. Consider this post one big thank you from our team to you!

Sincerely, the Epitopica Team

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