Hello and welcome to the Epitopica Speaking nonsense podcast.

This week it is none other than your host, AUSTEN

Nobody else could be available for the podcast this week, so i’m taking the liberty of recording this episode all by my lovely self.

In the interest of full disclosure, I will tell you that i’m going to try something a little different this week since it’s easy to try to do all by myself. I’m going to try doing this whole thing with a pre-written semi-guidance script for myself that may help with some of the flow breaks and make myself sound a little better.

Let me know how you feel about this, and if it sounds like maybe it’s obvious that i’m reading from a script (I am). I am also going to attach the whole script to the post i make on our site for the podcast for a reader friendly version of the podcast.

So this week, i can’t really say much of anything of large importance happened.

Out of everything, I would say that arguably the largest thing to happen in the last week has absolutely nothing to do with gaming. You know what i’m talking about… Avengers! Aaron, Tyler and I went together on the night it released to watch it, and while i have many things to say about the movie, i wouldn’t want to spoil the movie for anyone. All you need to know, if everyone else hasn’t already told you, is that you should absolutely watch. If you’re afraid of going into it because you missed some of the last few movies- don’t be. Honestly, i haven’t seen Guardians 2, Thor Ragnarock, or Black panther- annd while there were a few questions here and there, i don’t really feel like i didn’t understand any of the major plot points.

But in the actual gaming news stuff you came here to hear, this week is a little sparse. Red dead redemption 2 got a new trailer. Didn’t watch it. Maybe i should’ve watched it before i started writing this out? Nah. Too easy.
I am looking forward to seeing what becomes of red dead redemption 2 though. I fucking loved the first (second?) game. Of course, the real first game is red dead revolver, but i guess this is number 2 now, fuck you, revolver. I played the everloving shit out of the first game, what?… in like 2009? Even back then, aaron, tyler, travis and i were playing together, riding zebra donkies, killing cowboys and fuckin bitches.
Speaking of wearing out bitches- this month’s humble monthly early unlock game is destiny 2. Tell me a more worn out bitch than destiny, i’ll wait.

I had real high hopes for destiny 2 when it came out… though i don’t really know why i was expecting so much when i got tired of the first game so fast. I’m fairly certain i barely broke the 20 hours barrier on the game, mostly because i was being dragged along by feeling like “i just gotta grind for the nxt item, and it’ll all be great!”. But that never really went away even after getting that shiny next item. I won’t drone on too long though, because i’ve always been a big advocate for games not having to give you 37,000 hours of gameplay to be worth $60. In the end, though, i think the real disappointment was just that the way they designed the game always just felt like somewhere, somehow there was more to do- but i could never really find it. Don’t kill me if you’re listening, travis.

On the more positive side of the news, the FTC apparently decided that it is finally time to get rid of stickers that void your warranty if removed. The FTC sent out notices to all three of the biggies- Sony, microsoft and nintendo to alert them that they have 30 days to do away with the Illegal warranty-void-if-removed stickers. The other company they decided to name was Hyundai. So it’s the game companies and apparently hyundai in particular that are tryna screw you over.

Another story that came out recently was about 2 South korean Overwatch Hackers. In both cases, they got caught and apparently blizzard really had it out for them, because they decided to take both of them through the legal system. What came out was one getting sentenced 2 years probabation and the other was fined 10 million won. If that sounds like a lot to you- it’s really not as big a number as it seems. 10 million won is just a little less than 10k USD. Still not cheap to anyone. At least not to me anyway. But it is much better than the intimidating 10 million number it appears as.

Watch out PUBG, you got a new contender. Some fuckin VR game is the new highest rated title on steam- VR or otherwise. The game ‘Beat Saber’ is now the most highly rated game of all time, at least on steam. Beat saber is a rythm game that i suppose you could compare to audio shield but with laser swords and without custom tracks (don’t quote me on that. I just heard there anre no custom tracks and i haven’t played it yet, so you can’t trust me). Audioshield is always a good way to work up a lil sweaty spiciness for the lonely man, so i can only hope beat saber does the same.

I had no idea how long this was going to actually take to read out when i typed it all up, so apologies for the episode length. Again, let me know how you think this episode sounds, and maybe i’ll think about mixing some elements of solo into the podcast like this every so often as well.

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