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A Little More Sober This Time… With Ulti

Austen, Branden, Tyler, and Ulti come together to stretch next to nothing happening in the last week into an hour-long conversation. Share This:

About Metal Gear: Survive… – With Thanitose

Metal Gear Survive catches some flak this episode with Austen, Braden, Thanitose and Tyler Share This:

Long Talks About Cheating – With legolicious

Austen, Aaron, Braden, and lego come together to talk about Rainbow Six: Seige, lootboxes and more Share This:

Back after a short little break! – Speaking Nonsense It took us long enough, but we’re finally back from our break! In this episode, we discuss some things just like before, but this time we have a guest! We talk about things like Monster Hunter, it’s god awful multiplayer system (to us at least), Shadow of the Colossus, my broken PC that had…

Where my guests at?! – Speaking Nonsense Share This:

E3 Extravaganza ELECTRONIC ARTS A Way Out 2018 PlayStation 4, XBox One, Windows Anthem September 2018 PlayStation 4, XBox One, Windows Battlefield 1 In the Name of the Tsar September 2017 PlayStation 4, Switch, XBox One, Windows Battlefront 2 November 17, 2017 PlayStation 4, XBox One, Windows Fifa 18 September 29, 2017 PlayStation 4, Switch, XBox…

A New Setup – Speaking Nonsense Share This:

Late… But For A Good Reason – Speaking Nonsense

So we ran a little late on getting this episode, but we had a great reason for doing so. Hear why and more on this week’s episode of Speaking Nonsense. Share This:

Radio Edit – Epitopica Gaming Podcast

Ah shit, did we just say somebody’s last name? Time to make Austen Edit the name out. Share This:

Surprising Moments – Epitopica Gaming Podcast

When one man asks 4 others a simple question, and the answers last for almost an entire hour, what will you do to survive? Tune in this week and see how it goes. Want to talk with us and the Epitopica community? Join our Discord and say hi! Share This: