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On the Subject of Nuggets – With Kyle Bojangles

Listen in as Austen, Braden, Aaron, Travis and Kyle come together to talk for 55 minutes about fast food, rule 34 and hot pockets and 5 minutes about what’s new in the world of games. Share This:

A Little More Sober This Time… With Ulti

Austen, Branden, Tyler, and Ulti come together to stretch next to nothing happening in the last week into an hour-long conversation. Share This:

About Metal Gear: Survive… – With Thanitose

Metal Gear Survive catches some flak this episode with Austen, Braden, Thanitose and Tyler Share This:

Long Talks About Cheating – With legolicious

Austen, Aaron, Braden, and lego come together to talk about Rainbow Six: Seige, lootboxes and more Share This:

Back after a short little break! – Speaking Nonsense It took us long enough, but we’re finally back from our break! In this episode, we discuss some things just like before, but this time we have a guest! We talk about things like Monster Hunter, it’s god awful multiplayer system (to us at least), Shadow of the Colossus, my broken PC that had…

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E3 Extravaganza ELECTRONIC ARTS A Way Out 2018 PlayStation 4, XBox One, Windows Anthem September 2018 PlayStation 4, XBox One, Windows Battlefield 1 In the Name of the Tsar September 2017 PlayStation 4, Switch, XBox One, Windows Battlefront 2 November 17, 2017 PlayStation 4, XBox One, Windows Fifa 18 September 29, 2017 PlayStation 4, Switch, XBox…

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Late… But For A Good Reason – Speaking Nonsense

So we ran a little late on getting this episode, but we had a great reason for doing so. Hear why and more on this week’s episode of Speaking Nonsense. Share This: